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Motor Graders’ Popular Choice For Snow Removal

At this time of year local authorities are busy ensuring their snow removal equipment is up to scratch and ready to roll. They will also be looking to ensure they have an adequate supply of trained operators for their equipment. Motor graders are becoming a popular choice for this job for a number of reasons. First, the equipment itself is not just for snow removal. In the spring, summer, and fall they can be employed doing a range of jobs. The second reason is related – they don’t require operators that specialize in snow removal equipment – if you can operate a grader, you can move snow.

For operators, of course, this is a real bonus. When winter closes in and general construction starts to close down for the winter, grader operators will find that their services are still in demand. This means they get to stay home for the winter; they don’t need to travel to warmer regions looking for work. Of course, for many areas, snow removal is essential or the whole region grinds to halt – this makes these positions highly important and well respected.

Grader operator training is a three-week course that combines both in the operator’s seat training and classroom training. Training in safety, maintenance, laser levels, and site plans is also included, however, it’s the in-the-seat training that makes you a real operator, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for that if you undertake your training through ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools.

Winter may be on our doorstep, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work around for grader operators. If there’s snow, then there will most likely be graders out there shifting that snow – you could operate one of them!

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