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Interested In A Career As A Motor Grader?

Heavy equipment careers seem to wax and wane in popularity, and it normally doesn’t relate to demand. In fact, it can often be more location-based than national. This has been evident in areas where there has been a lot of heavy construction over the last year. Seeing heavy equipment being used on a daily basis seems to trigger a desire to ‘give it a go’ by people from that area. Motor graders are one piece of machinery that is seen for extended periods of time. If you’re interested in a motor grader career, the path is not that difficult.

To gain an entry level job as a grader operator, you need to have completed a heavy equipment training program. These training programs can take from three weeks to three months depending on how many hours of instruction are delivered each week. Some training establishments also stretch training programs to the max in order to justify higher fees. When looking at a heavy equipment training program, there are several factors that should be covered. These include:

  • hands on operation of a wide range of heavy equipment,
  • safety training,
  • basic preventative maintenance skills,
  • technical skills such as laser levels and grade reading,
  • soil types and how they react when worked, and
  • site layouts.

Finally, look for a tried and trusted heavy equipment training provider. These are training organizations that have a long history in the business and that have good reputations with employers. When talking to your training provider, ask if you can visit the training site prior to signing on the dotted line. Normally, after three weeks training you should be ready to accept entry level employment as a grader operator. The path is easy, if you find the right training provider to begin with.

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