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Graders Leave A Permanent Mark On Society

Some people love them, some people hate them, but without a doubt our highways make traveling long distances quicker and easier. Every single highway had, at some stage, a grader or two working to prepare the way for the seal. In fact, graders have made the job of road building so much easier.

What most lay people don’t realize is that the grader is the one machine most responsible for ensuring our roads are flat and built at the right slope. This is important for water control in the wet (the water needs to be able to drain away quickly rather than just lie there) and for general road safety. Cambers on corners help to keep the car on the road.

Engineers of course have the task of designing our roads, designing the slopes and cambers, but it is the grader that is employed to deliver the results – all based on the plans put together by engineers. Grader operator training therefore needs to include training on how to read plans, and how to read soil types if the operator is going to be effective in their job.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools we don’t just teach how to drive a grader, you are also trained on other aspects including reading plans, understanding soil types, workplace safety and basic maintenance procedures. As a graduate, you will have good general knowledge of your equipment and, of course, the skills required to actually operate the equipment.

Do you want to leave a permanent mark on society in one of the most helpful ways? Consider becoming a grader operator. Training only requires three weeks of your time and then you’re ready to hit the road!

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