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Surviving As A Successful Grader Operator

As we improve the technology of modern heavy earthmoving equipment the skills of operators are becoming more refined. This is especially true of grader operators who have laser and GPS technology to deal with. Add to this the introduction of computerized controls and the machinery now, although looking similar to those of yesterday, can be far different to operate.

The key to surviving as a grader operator is the quality of the training you receive. Grader operator training shouldn’t just rely on how to operate the controls. That is only one component of the job. These days, a good grader operator can read plans, is able to identify different soil types and how they react when worked, and have a thorough understanding of workplace safety. Soil types is one area where training can provide the basics, but it is only through experience that you can build a thorough understanding of the topic.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools doesn’t just train to the basic operator skills. We include plan reading, soils, safety and general equipment maintenance – all the skills that employers now require of their operators. Of course, we also include hands on use of the equipment; grader operator training wouldn’t be training without it.

Our graduates are well respected within the industry so gaining useful employment after your training is not a big issue. If you are interested in a career as a grader operator, consider enrolling in our heavy equipment training program. You can be on your way to a successful career as a grader operator in as little as three weeks.

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