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Your Training In Heavy Equipment Such As Backhoes and Bulldozers Is Easier Than You Think

Training in heavy equipment, such as bulldozers and backhoes is much easier than you may have thought. You may have asked yourself the question what the age requirement is in order to attend your training schools. In order to train to operate backhoes and bulldozers with Associated Training Services, you have to be at least 18 years of age. The age limit is endless and as long as you are able to pass a DOT (Department of Transportation) physical, you’re able to attend our classes and learn. This means that even if you’re 80 years old and you’re able to pass the Department of Transportation physical, then you can attend our courses and classes and get the valuable training necessary to operate backhoes and bulldozers.

Why is the tuition for training to operate backhoes and bulldozers not listed on the site?

There are two different reasons:

  1. The first reason is that the tuition is going to be different for each particular course and program
  2. The second reasons is that the tuition for the program changes depending on the location. If you have any questions on the tuition for training in backhoes and bulldozers then call us at 800 383 7364.

How can you apply to start training in operating backhoes and bulldozes? the first step is to fill out our free application online. You can also call us and we can mail an application out to you that will include a free brochure as well. You’re never obligated to apply or sign up. You also don’t have to deal with pushy recruiters. It’s easy and it’s fast, so if you want to fill ouot an application you can.

Our schools are located all throughout the United States, and that includes New Hampshire, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, California and Texas.

Being able to operate heavy equipment, such as backhoes and bulldozers can be very lucrative. The wages vary depending on your location and the company you work with. The average is around $15 or more for entry level employment. We offer job placement services that help you find a job fast. Experienced operators can make as much as $30 an hour or more. The demand for people to operate backhoes and bulldozers is high and your opportunities are endless.

Don’t delay and contact us today to find out how you can enhance and build upon your existing skill base. Learning to operate backhoes and bulldozers is going to be the key element to being able to find work year round. You don’t even need a GED or a high school diploma in order to attend our heavy equipment and backhoes and bulldozer training programs.

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