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Backhoe Training For A New Millennium

Backhoe trainingCan you operate a backhoe? If not, why not learn?

Associated Training Services is the largest heavy equipment training school online. You can get a certification to operate the biggest, baddest heavy equipment on the planet, including backhoes, dump trucks, loaders, graders, and coming soon: Cranes! You’ll be the envy the dirt movers when you strut your stuff on top of the biggest heavy equipment in the construction industry. You’ll be the backhoe king.

ATS offers three levels of training for all equipment. The backhoe training includes:

  • Introduction to Blueprints and Heavy Equipment, Trade Orientation, Safety, and Basic Rigging and Operational Techniques
  • Scrapers, Rollers, Bulldozers, Graders, Earth Moving Basics, and Civil Blueprint Reading
  • Soils, Excavators, Motor Graders, Heavy Equipment Operator Leadership, Grading and Finishing, and Advanced Operational Techniques

Learn everything there is to know about operating a backhoe and get a job in the construction industry. Work your way to the top!

You’ll more than you’ll ever want to know about backhoes, tractors, graders, loaders, dump trucks, and all the heavy equipment. Learn more about heavy equipment training programs right now.

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