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Your Own Carpentry Business Could Make You Six Figures A Year

Make Six Figures A Year With Your Own Carpentry Business

Getting your carpentry certification is a great way to not only improve your skills but also a great way to boost your income. If you’re unskilled and working righ now, chances are that you’re working from place to place and not getting paid as much as you could if you were certified in carpentry. It’s a known fact that most companies will offer unskilled workers little compensation and little in the wa of job security.

By getting your carpentry certification, you gain more security!

When you get certified in carpentry, you increase your chances of job security. Adding this to the mix, makes things a little easier for you. You are also less likely to be let go at the end of a big and important construction project.

Carpentry certification differs in a lot from carpentry apprenticeship. When you do the apprenticeship, it will take 4 to 6 years to complete. By getting certified in carpentry, you can complete your training in a short period of time.

Fully-blown carpenters get paid more than apprentices. When you’re certified you can get more than an appentrice. You’ll also gain a solid and focused set of skills.

Your carpentry certification will give laser targeted skills. As an apprentice, you may end up being trained in a more broader specrum of skills. This can work for or against you, in the way that you end up learning things that you may not ever need or use in the future.

In summary, the benefits of getting carpentry certification are:

  1. Increased income
  2. Increased job security

Now, if you decide to get in business for yourself, you can definitely experience six figure a year income. Of course this includes having your own equipment, trucks, vans, and a hungry market, but many individuals just lke you are making 100,000 dollars a year or more in carpentry.

If you’re interested in getting certified in carpentry, go ahead and contact us today!

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