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Associated Training Services – Your Last Stop On The Road To Success

Associated Training Services is your last stop to the road to success. Why? Because we offer state of the art training in a variety of areas. Associated Training Services started in 1959 as the National Institute For Concrete Construction. It was founded by Robert Klabacka. Robert and six sons carried on a family tradition of giving high quality vocational training in a wide area of industries. Robert instilled a number of principles into his sons. Because of these success principles, the family experienced a huge success. The principles have to do with pride, integrity and quality.

Quality – always offering top notch quality training services to students and trainees.
Integrity – have integrity in everything you do. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile to offer your employer or trainees a bonus.
Pride – have pride in what you do. Be passionate about what you love.

Associated Training Services had a precursor by the name of Diesel Truck Driver Training School in 1963. This was located near Madison, Wisconsin. The school is still at his very location and maintains the primary office and training area at that location.

Then, in 1996, Associated Training Services started as an affiliate of the Diesel Truck Driver Training School. It was established to help diversify the courses and training programs under the Diesel Truck Driver Training School under a whole other name and organization. Associated Training Services has also expanded the courses and locations. It is now a national organization with many training centers all across the United States. Associated Training Services maintains a school location in about 10 states right now.

Our mission is to be the top leader in the vocational training business. We do this by offering you a variety of courses and programs in heavy equipment operation. We believe that you can build your skills in the construction trade while still maintaining quality and integrity.

Associated Training Schools
are accredited by the National Center of Construction Education Research. Associated Training Schools are licensed by the state boards of education in the following states: Georgia, California, Florida, Colorado, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

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