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You Are Never Too Old To Operate Heavy Equipment

One of the common myths in our society is that once you reach a certain age, that’s it, it is too late to acquire new skills. The reality is that learning is ageless. There are those that enter college in their retirement and finish up with degrees or even master’s in their chosen fields.

According to a Canadian study, 30% of heavy equipment operators were over 50. The only thing stopping a mature aged person from retraining and gaining a heavy equipment license is themselves and possibly a medical condition.

We cannot do much about a medical condition, but if you are your own biggest hurdle then the only way to overcome that is by getting out and doing something about it. Even if you start as a dump truck driver, you can always build on your skills over a period of time operating equipment that you feel comfortable with.

The actual skills required are fairly generic and for most mature aged people are skills that have developed naturally over the years. I am sure you probably have most if not all of the following skills:

  • manual dexterity and good coordination
  • the ability to retrain regularly in the newest techniques
  • good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • good interpersonal skills
  • the ability to work independently as well as with a team
  • effective verbal communication skills
  • the ability to follow safety standards and operating procedures

If you are of mature age and looking for a change of career and enjoy the great outdoors, consider a career as a heavy equipment operator. You can gain comprehensive training through ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools for a career change with a difference.

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