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How Portable Are My Qualifications?

If you receive training through accredited training organizations such as ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools then your qualifications are portable across the nation. The only proviso to that is that you will generally need to acquire licenses from the state authorities that you wish to work in.

A national system of accreditation has been established that standardizes training across the nation. To quote the accreditation from our parent site:

All ATS Schools are accredited by the National Center for Construction Education Research (NCCER), in Gainesville, Florida. The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) is a not-for-profit education foundation, Affiliated with the University of Florida, created to help address the critical workforce shortage facing the construction industry and to develop industry-driven standardized craft training programs with portable credentials. NCCER’s mission is to build a safe, productive, and sustainable workforce of craft professionals.

This standard allows all students that successfully complete the requirements to be awarded nationally recognized certificates for the equipment trained on.

National recognition is important for two reasons. First, it set a common standard that is accepted throughout the nation and secondly, it provides you with a certificate that is recognized throughout the country. This means you can be qualified in one state and take that qualification with you to another state.

If you are looking to be trained in any form of heavy equipment, get your training done through an NCCER certified training establishment like ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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