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What Sort Of Work Does A Bulldozer Operator Do

Bulldozers are not as versatile as some units of heavy equipment. In fact, a bulldozer’s main claim to fame is its sheer strength. A bulldozer is really a glorified tractor that has had a large blade added to the front. When I say “glorified,” today’s bulldozers look nothing like their origins, yet to all intents and purposes, that’s all a bulldozer is – a tractor.

When it comes to work, bulldozers go where no normal tractor would risk. Where tractors have large tires, bulldozers run on treads, much like a military tank. This means they can easily traverse sand, mud and the kind of terrain that no normal vehicle could handle. The large working blade at the front is where all the action is, and there’s plenty of power behind that blade.

A bulldozer operator can work in a wide range of sites including a battlefield (the military employs a large number of bulldozer operators), construction (including road building and site clearing for houses and buildings), mines and quarries. In simple terms, a bulldozer’s job is to just push earth around. In practical terms, the job is never as easy as that. A bulldozer operator needs a good knowledge of soil types and how they will react to being pushed around. A bulldozer operator also needs a good understanding of plans and how to read and work to a plan.

Whilst pushing dirt around is a bulldozer operator’s main function, they are also responsible for their equipment. This means giving the equipment a good inspection before and after a days work, keeping essential fluids filled, and ensuring the safe operation of the equipment. Bulldozers can also have a range of attachments added to the rear of the equipment. These have a variety of uses including ripping up compacted areas, digging out roots, and breaking up concrete.

It takes three weeks of quality heavy equipment training to become a bulldozer operator. Once you graduate, there is work available for new operators, and you’ll appreciate the decent paycheck that bulldozer operators receive.

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