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What is a Track Loader?

Track Loaders are very similar to bulldozers and can undertake similar jobs. Bulldozers really just push and cut, they cannot load the material into a truck. Track loaders are a combination of a front end loader and a bulldozer.

The tracks gives it some grip and function in muddy, slippery areas. The loader function allows it to scoop up the material and empty it into a waiting truck just like a front end loader. The track loader’s bucket is generally a little smaller when it comes to capacity.

A good example of a track loader is Caterpillar’s small 939C track loader which offers a single lever joystick for easy control off both speed and direction. The smaller size also provides for a small turning radius. The Caterpillar 953D model is larger and features a redesigned operator cab that keeps the focus on comfort for long work shifts. The 936C is Caterpillar’s choice for general purpose work. It can do clearing, stripping of topsoil, contouring, grading, dozing, backfilling, carry materials and truck loading.

Track loaders can often be found in the waste handling industry. The Caterpillar 953C is geared for this type of work. In landfills it can be found feeding waste to the compactors, spreading, shredding and leveling and at transfer stations, the work is often sorting, crushing and loading.

You can consider a track loader as a cross between a bulldozer and a front end loader. You can start your career in this industry by getting quality training as a bulldozer operator.

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