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What Heavy Equipment Would You Prefer To Operate?

There is a wide range of heavy equipment in use around the country these days. You can operate equipment that digs holes, pushes dirt, or delivers a perfect finish. Heavy equipment is also used in demolition work, mining, farming and most commonly, construction. You will also find heavy equipment used in forestry, at ports, and in general industry. So what is your preferred unit of machinery? At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School you can gain training on:

  • Backhoes,
  • Wheel Loaders,
  • Scrapers,
  • Excavators,
  • Bulldozers,
  • Road Graders,
  • Rock Trucks,
  • Skid Steers, and
  • All-Terrain Forklifts

One suggestion we do make is to learn to operate as many types of heavy equipment as possible. If you get the chance, also learn to drive trucks, particularly those used to transport heavy equipment. That doesn’t mean you cannot specialize in one type of heavy equipment – you can, however, the more varied your skills the more attractive you are to employers.

Learning more than one type of heavy equipment isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Each type of heavy equipment uses a similar set of controls, some more than others, and some that require more technical skills – for example, setting a grader’s blades to precise angles and heights. There are some types of heavy equipment that demand multi-skills – the backhoe is a good example; it requires the skills of an excavator operator and the skills of a loader operator.

Being multi-skilled has a number of benefits. If you become a little bored operating one type of equipment, you can move sidewise to another type. Employers obviously find multi-skilled employees more attractive. They can be set to work on any project and not left sitting around waiting. What’s your favourite type of heavy equipment? Now pick a few more to broaden your talents.

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