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ATS and Bulldozer Operation

Bulldozers are widely known in the heavy equipment industry and by people in general. They are huge machines that can move an amazing amount of material in no time at all. It is important that they are operated safely and correctly as to avoid injury or worse.

Anyone that desires to operate a bulldozer MUST be qualified and fully trained. Associated Training Services offers a training program for operation. In these courses, students learn the importance of safe operation and how to do it.

Bulldozers, just like any vehicle, have seatbelts that must be worn. Putting the belt on before starting the engine is smart. That way the operator is completely seated when starting up the machine. Operation training will prepare students for minor maintenance of heavy equipment which is very important as an operator.

Another thing to remember about bulldozers is that they are HUGE! When being operated, it is important to keep them away from hanging power lines. There must be precautions taken when driving them on the roads at all. Traffic should be stopped and nowhere near the machine. It is vital that all warning signs on the machine are working such as the horn, back up signal and more.

Bulldozers are amazing machines that can do unimaginable work. If you are interested in operation of heavy equipment, Associated Training Services is the answer for your future. You can enroll today and get started on your training in no time. Contact ATS for more information and get your future started!

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