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Wanted – Dump Truck Drivers

I saw this ad for dump truck drivers earlier this week and thought, “the economy cannot be that bad”. Check it out:

Wanted – Dump Truck Drivers. Requirments: CDL, Clean driving record, prefer experience but willing to employ new drivers with good work history. Must be 100% drug free. 5 positions available starting late February. Five day week with some optional weekends. Housing assistance available. Competitive pay rates.

There are a couple of things to note. First, you don’t come across ads like this everyday – however, if you look hard enough you will see similar. The country still needs workers and dump truck drivers are always in demand.

The fact they were willing to take on new drivers (so long as you had a good work history) is interesting. Most jobs want 2 or 3 years experience. Housing assistance – the position is probably out in the sticks somewhere but it would be a good place to start a career and save money.

Of course the most interesting requirement was a clean driving record and a CDL. To gain your CDL you need to undertake training and sit a written and practical test. Pass those tests and meet any other requirements such as age and you have your license.

Your training? ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a long history of providing first class truck driver training including dump trucks. If you crave a career as a truck driver then contact us to discuss your training options – we may be able to help you find your first truck driving job as well.

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