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How Viable Are Heavy Equipment Careers?

With worse than expected employment figures out in recent weeks, you may be wondering if heavy equipment careers are still viable long term options. Long term of course is always a great unknown. However, history teaches us much when it comes to trends for long term careers. In the short term, the demand for heavy equipment operators is still steady. So what does history teach us?

Historically, construction has led economies back to recovery. Whether it has been roads, infrastructure or home building, these activities have helped to spark the economy. Construction has several effects on an economy. The first effect is felt through the pay packets of construction workers. The more in work, the more money that flows into the economy and this lifts demand. The second effect is what could be described as the snowball effect. As demand for products rise, more trucks, more production workers and more retail workers are required – this of course leads to more income in the nation and more demand again. The final effect is seen through the demand for raw materials and equipment – this also has a snowballing effect.

So what does this have to do with heavy equipment careers? We have already seen how the government reacts to an economic crisis – they throw as much money as possible into stimulating the economy and where do they throw this money? Construction. We are in the midst of one of the biggest national infrastructure building programs in decades. This has lead to an increase in demand for heavy equipment operators in the short term.

Long term? That is a harder question. However, there is one more fact that needs to be considered. The baby boomers are reaching retirement age and this is going to leave a huge hole in many industries – the construction industry included. The birth rate has dropped remarkably in the years from 1960-2000. This means there will be almost twice as many people retiring from work as those going into employment. A heavy equipment career offers no promises, but then, no career does. However, the situation in our society at present leads one to think that all employment sectors will face labor shortages in the future.

For younger people entering the work force, heavy equipment training will provide them with lifelong skills. While ever we need roads, homes, schools, hospitals or any other building, heavy equipment operators will be needed.

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