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Truck Driving Tips to Save you Money Part I

If your career is truck driving, in particular if you are driving your own trucks, you will be all too aware that fuel price fluctuations can impact upon your bottom line. I came across a great article in Equipment Today that I thought was worth a second read. The author outlines truck driving fuel economy tips from different vehicle manufacturers.

Vehicle Specs

On vehicle specs, it is suggested that you pick a truck engine that is appropriately sized for the tasks that you are going to perform. Excess horsepower only means wasted fuel. Aim for what you need and perhaps a little bit extra, but don’t go overboard. Conservative truck driving is a great way to cut fuel costs.

Engine size ranks among the most important factors. “A good match between the engine and the payload is significant,” says Steve Matsil, global vehicle chief engineer, General Motors.

Likewise if the engine of the truck that you are driving is too small, you will require more fuel to squeeze out the extra horsepower that is required. An underpowered engine will have to work harder and thus burn more fuel.

“If you are constantly in an underpower condition – meaning you are putting out the maximum horsepower of the engine to accelerate to cruising speed to move into traffic – you are always in a two-pedal position either off or on the throttle,” says Matsil. “I suspect that you will not get the optimum fuel economy.”

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