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Truck Driving, Saving Fuel and Money With Diesel Electric Hybrids

Hybrid technology has been in the automotive industry for some time now, but it gas been slow to catch on in Truck Driving. The main reason why hybrids have not taken off in truck driving as they have in other areas of transportation has traditionally been the upfront cost of getting hybrid technology into the trucks. Hybrids need a specialized engine and a bank of batteries. Engine prices have never been the problem, it has always been the batteries that have made hybrid prices high in comparison to their conventionally fueled vehicles. Now two things are happening that are switching the balance. Battery prices are coming down and fuel prices are going up. In addition, the green sector of the economy is becoming a more powerful force and people are prepared to pay a little extra for greener products and transportation.

Kenworth-Eaton has entered the hybrid trucking sector. What does this mean for truck driving? We are not sure exactly, but with some heavy hitters getting behind hybrid technology, we believe that it is something that you are going to be seeing more of. The benefits are there, stated fuel savings are about 35% and with fuel prices where they are at today, this can translate into thousands of dollars per year. Spread that over a fleet and hybrid technology can have some real bottom line impact and it is better for the environment too.

Some of the new range from Kenworth-Eaton includes (

The Class 7 T300 hybrid is a pre-production vehicle. Kenworth has split its midrange T series into several weight-based models, including a Class 6 T270 and Class 7 T370, which will have hybrid drive as an option. They will use Eaton Corp.’s electric propulsion system, which includes a 6-speed Fuller UltraShift AMT linked to a 60-horsepower electric motor-generator and two lithium-ion batteries operating at 340 volts.

These are just a few models out of many that we are going to start seeing soon, if the cost of fuel continues to rise.

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