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Truck Driving Careers Booming

If you have ever thought about a truck driving career then now is certainly a good time to give it some more thought. Our economy is still shaky yet the demand for truck drivers is going up. Once our economy returns to some normality it is predicted we will be short of competent and experienced truck drivers. Gaining your commercial driver license now, and then getting what ever experience you can on a variety of different trucks will see you well set up for the boom.

Taking on a truck driving career is not that difficult. Three weeks of training through the ATS Truck Driving School will see you well prepared to take on the commercial drivers license test. Pass the test and you will receive your license. That’s it. Of course, the three weeks of truck driver training are fairly intense and cover behind the wheel areas such as:

  • tractor-trailer reversing
  • driving in traffic
  • safe braking and braking distances

This is hands on training, not sitting in a class room being told how to do it, or sitting in the passenger seat watching someone else doing it. This is you do the driving; you learning the skills; and you gaining the experience. In fact, when it comes to training, it’s all about you succeeding. You see, we don’t consider ourselves successful until we see you being successful.

Our approach of the last 45 years of successful training is to focus on the needs of industry and to then provide industry with drivers that are ready to meet those needs. In short, we train you to be successful at truck driving because you gain the skills that employers are looking for. Are you ready to take part in the next boom in truck driving careers?

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