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Truck Driver Training And Your CDL

CDL – Class A Commercial Driver License. You need to obtain your CDL if you wish to work in the industry driving trucks on public roads.

Obtaining your CDL is done in three stages. The first stage involves training, in a classroom setting, in subjects such as Department of Transportation rules, safety and safe operation of equipment, Commercial Driver License regulations, logbooks, and hazardous materials.

Transport rules cover the use of the vehicle on public roads and includes information such as general road rules, load limits, and driving limits.

The second stage involves hands-on training in the use of a truck and includes backing and other close quarter maneuvers as well as pre-trip inspection, coupling and uncoupling and actual Highway and City driving. The later provides you with the opportunity to experience truck driving on public roads in traffic situations.

The third stage is where you actually complete the requirements to receive your license. Different states may have different requirements, however they all require you to sit and pass a written test and to pass a driving test.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools have a three week truck driving course that prepares you for those tests. Upon completion of the test and the granting of license, we have over 10,000 trucking companies nationwide in our job placement database.

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