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Training And Certification For Specialized Crane Operators

Cranes are not all built the same. In fact some cranes are built for a specific purpose and a good example would the shipping container cranes you see at many of our major ports. These cranes are purpose built and can take a shipping container from a ship and place it onto the back of trailer ready for transport across land.

Other industries such as manufacturing, mining, construction and the timber often use purpose built or modified cranes to complete tasks that are unique to that industry. In some rare cases, the modification or attachment used can become popular and used by others in that industry.

Specializes machinery often requires specialized training. However, to gain certification an operator is required to complete a written and practical assessment to a set of standards. Specialized training has to be designed around the certification requirements as well as the employers needs.

To facilitate this, ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools employ crane operation instructors who travel to remote locations for crane training, testing, and certification. These specialized crane operator training programs can be customized to meet the employer’s time and cost requirements.

Training is designed to meet the needs of the employer which means the operator is working working productively a lot sooner. Although the training is specific to the equipment in use, the training also includes certification components. The visiting trainers are able to deliver the training and supervise the assessments. If you require specialized crane operator training then contact one of our representatives for more information.

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