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Are You Ready For A Great Career As A Crane Operator?

Well trained and certified crane operators are always in great demand which is surprising in a way considering they are amongst the highest paid heavy equipment operators in the workplace.

Crane operators control either fixed cab and swing cab mobile hydraulic cranes. Fixed cabs are, as the name suggests, cabs that are fixed to the crane’s bodies. The boom is independent of the cab. Most small mobile cranes fit into this category. Swing cabs have a cab that sits on a turntable like structure and can swing through 360 degrees following the cranes boom.

In many states it is now a requirement to be certified before commencing employment as a crane operator. You can only be certified if you pass both a written and practical assessment. These assessment ensure that all operators who have been certified meet a minimum set of criteria when it comes to operations and safety.

As with many forms of assessment, the only way you can hope to pass is through a comprehensive training program. If you select ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools to undertake your training then you are in luck as they are not only accredited to deliver the training, they are also accredited to undertake both the written and practical assessments.

If you take into account the ATS job placement service you have the complete package. You can undertake your training as a crane operator; sit the assessment and become a certified crane operator; then find employment in a well paid position as a certified crane operator. Are you ready to start on the path to a career as a certified crane operator? If so, contact us at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools.

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