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Tips For Finding A Heavy Equipment Job

Becoming a heavy equipment operator is a childhood dream come true for some, and a new discovery for others. Learning how to safely and skillfully guide large machinery to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks is pretty amazing when you think about it. But many people who have the dream of operating heavy equipment don’t see that dream come true because they fail to recognize the help available. Here are the three basic parts of finding that heavy equipment career:

Training & Certification

Associated Training Services’ Heavy Equipment Operator Training School provides the best training around, with all the necessary certifications you need to be instantly employable. You get on-the-seat experience, preparation for the needed tests, and walk out as a graduate fully prepared to be an entry-level employee who only needs time to improve your skills.

Career Services

From the day you walk in the door, ATS Career Services starts working with you to develop the skills you need to get the job, such as interviewing, resume writing, and networking. They do a personal interview with each student and provide a customized packet of career possibilities when you graduate, based on the things you are interested in.

After graduation, Career Services stays available for you whenever you need assistance. Our database is constantly being updated with employment information so the leads you get are current.


Every graduate of ATS has access to the Total Resources Network, a job site that matches employers with qualified personnel. You can post your resume and qualifications, look for openings that meet your skill set, network with others, and much, much more. It really is a total resource network and a valuable asset for your career advancement.

Each one of these basic tips for finding a job in heavy equipment operation depends on you. Sure, you can find a job without one of them, but it’s going to be more difficult. And these are tools, the way you use them makes a difference in the outcome. Using each tip well is a sure way to find a good career.

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