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Three Skills Required To Be Called A Heavy Equipment Operator

It is easy to call yourself a grader operator, or a bulldozer operator. There are three areas of knowledge that are required to really call yourself a heavy equipment operator.

You have to know how to run the machine.
In other words, you need to know what all the levers do; how to make it move and function; go forward and backwards; how to turn. In simple terms: You need to know how to drive the heavy equipment.

You have to know how to work the machine.
Driving and working are two different things. Knowing how to move a blade up and down is one thing, knowing how far down and much earth will be cut is another. It takes skill and practice to understand exactly what your heavy equipment is capable of.

You need to know the dirt.
Once you know how to drive, and know how the heavy equipment works, you now need to know the dirt. How hard is it? How much effort will it take to move it? How much can I cut? If you try to do to much, you could damage the machine. If you do too little, you will take too long to complete the job.

These are three related heavy equipment skills that are essential to complete any job. Are you skilled in all three areas. If not then see call ATS Heavy Equipment Training School – we can help you gain those skills.

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