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The Backhoe Loader May Be Small – It’s Still Considered Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is often thought of as big bulldozers or motor graders, however the term could be applied to a variety of different machines. The backhoe loader is just one of them.

Backhoe loaders are very versatile machines and can be found on many construction sites. Despite their size, they play many roles and can be used to dig, to load and to carry items. Backhoe loaders are two-faced mini beasts. I call them mini as some can be dwarf when compared to heavy equipment like a bullbozer. The backhoe loader has a small digging (or backhoe) bucket at one end that is often used for digging holes and trenches. At the other end is a wider bucket that can be used to carry items or to load materials onto trucks.

Compared to heavy equipment like excavators or bulldozers, backhoe loaders are more compact and easy to handle on a construction site. Being wheeled, their travel speed allows them to be taken on the road instead of having to be loaded onto a trailer for transport.

Having both the backhoe and loader function on one piece of equipment is very convenient and a time saver. The operator can dig and load without having to switch from one piece of equipment to another. Heavy equipment training provides the skills required to operate a backhoe loader.

If you fancy yourself as a backhoe loader operator then consider ATS Heavy Equipment Training School for the best in heavy equipment training.

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