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Thank you Veterans

Honoring our Veterans

Thank you, Veterans and Military Personnel

As we move into November with Veterans Day just around the corner, here at ATS we like to take a little time out from our training focus and think about what Veterans Day means to us, and give thanks to all the brave men and women who keep us safe and represent this great nation so well.

Veterans Day is a holiday that honors those who have served in the military because those men and women do not stop being the heroes they are once they leave the forces, they remain our heroes for life. At Associated Training Services, we are extremely proud of every person that serves in the military, and our respect for them is unending.

That is why we are extremely honored to be able to say that as an organization, we have trained over 2000 veterans throughout our existence, and actively promote several programs that support veterans in retraining, including the GI Bill ® among others. We believe this kind of help is invaluable to ensuring our veterans have the best chance at adapting to civilian life possible. That is why we offer qualified veterans a program to cover the cost of their accommodation during any courses they take with us, as a way of saying thanks for their sacrifices on our behalf.

ATS is very proud of our connection to the military, not just with veterans, but we have also been privileged to assist the US Army and the Engineering Corps in training as well. For us, Veterans Day is an important holiday that reminds us of the people who put everything on the line to keep us all safe, a day where the nation shows its respect and gratitude to our heroes. It is important to remember though, they are veterans 365 days a year, not just this day, and they deserve our respect and gratitude all year round.

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