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Taking Crane Operator Training To The Next Level

Operating a crane can be a challenging, exciting, and somewhat dangerous job. A lot of work goes into lifting a load, especially heavy loads. In fact, lifting and moving a load is often the easy part – the hard part being the planning and setup of your crane. When it comes to crane operator training, you can undertake a three training program that can lead to certification as a mobile crane operator – you may see these positions advertised as CCO mobile crane operators. The CCO refers to certified crane operator.

If you want to move beyond your basic mobile crane, you can take you crane operator training to the next level by adding Lattice Boom (Crawler or Truck) Cranes. A lattice boom crane is so called because of the lattice work used to create the boom. A standard mobile crane has a solid steel boom that can be raised, lowered and sometimes extended. A lattice boom crane is a little more complicated – to gain a longer boom, you need to add lattice inserts. This takes careful planning to ensure your crane is set up right.

One of the big differences, from an operator’s point of view, is the operator’s pre-start inspection. Lattice work, while adding strength to a crane, can also be its weakest point. The rust tolerance level, for example, is zero. This means lattice inserts need to be handled and stored carefully to ensure they are not vulnerable to rust attacks.

Lattice boom cranes are one of the most common cranes used so there is always demand for operators. You do need to be certified as a lattice boom crane operator before you work in this field. This means taking a further two weeks of lattice boom crane operator training and assessment in order to achieve that certification. Once certified, you can work across the nation as a CCO lattice boom crane operator.

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