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Strong Demand For Certified Crane Operators – Time For A Career Change

Recent weeks have shown that demand for certified crane operators is still strong, and predictions are that demand will continue to grow. The industry is beginning to feel the effect of the ‘baby boom’ as these operators age and start to consider retirement. The predictions are that more operators will leave the workforce than enter over the next five years, a worrying sign for some employers as natural demand increases.

For those considering a career change, becoming a certified crane operator has a lot to offer. The work is stable and well paid, there are a wide range of crane options for new graduates work in, and training is not a long drawn out process. For most people, you can be trained and certified and ready for work in as little as a month, and with demand for operators increasing, employed fairly quickly after certification.

There are two components to a successful career as a crane operator. The first is your basic training, the second your certification, and that comes back to your training. Certification comes with an added benefit – your qualification is a national one so it is valid in every state. It’s also worth pointing out that certification is now compulsory for all crane operators.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools has several crane operator training programs available. Upon completion of your training, we also provide the assessments for certification as a crane operator. Once certified, our career services personnel can help you find that first job where you can start to build your experience, and a successful career. If you’re looking for a well paid career that’s in demand, then consider a career as a crane operator.

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