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Start A Truck Driving Career In Just Over Three Weeks

Does a truck driving career interest you at all? Local truck drivers have the best of all worlds. They get to spend their days driving around their area making deliveries and pick ups where necessary. At the same time, they are home for dinner each night – there is no overnight driving involved. Better yet, local truck drivers are well paid for their efforts – in this case, it’s three strikes and you’re in.

Did I say three strikes? There is more. Training to become a truck driver can be completed in just three weeks. When we say training, we are talking about comprehensive training that will have you ready to pass the commercial drivers license written test as well as the practical component. Our training focuses on the knowledge and skills required to be a good driver – anyone can drive in a straight line, but can you reverse a tractor-trailer? You will be able to once you have completed your training.

That is one skill that is obviously necessary. There are many others. Driving in traffic can be difficult given the unpredictability of other drivers. Being able to drive safely is an important consideration. Do you know how far a truck will go when full brakes are applied at 50 mph? You need to. Am I scaring you? I hope not. Once you complete a truck driver training program at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools you will have all these skills.

As the oldest and most successful heavy equipment school in the country, we know exactly what skills are required to succeed in the work place. We know what employers want and we know what the licensing authorities want. We deliver to those requirements so you can start delivering to their requirements.

With over 45 years experience in truck driver training, we have built a large database of employers ready to hire our graduates. Complete your training and pass your commercial drivers license test and one of those employers could be your first boss. What are you waiting for? You could be driving a truck in just over three weeks.

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