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Specialist Crane Operator Training

There are times when companies find it necessary to employ crane operators in remote locations. This could be in the field of logging, mining or specialist constructions like road or dam building. There are other companies that have specialized positions involving crane operation in non-standard conditions. In these situations, specialist crane operator training is required, often on site rather than at a training school.

The facilitate these situations, ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools offer specialized crane operator training for employers. This training can take place at an ATS training location or at the employer’s location. If the training fulfills the requirements of the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) for certification then testing certifying is also available.

ATS also have crane operation instructors who are able to travel to remote locations for crane training, testing, and certification where appropriate. These specialized crane training programs can be customized to meet the employer’s time and cost requirements.

Being able to deliver training that is customized to a company’s need is important in today’s busy world. Customized training means that as an employer, you know your crane operators are skilled to perform all the task required within your organization. This is particularly important if you have work-specific cranes built to fulfill a dedicated role.

If you require more information on specialist crane operator training then contact one of our training schools or 1.800.678.8120 and we will be happy to discuss your training requirements, either on your site or at one of our training facilities.

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