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A Single Phone Call Could Start Your Successful Career As A Backhoe Operator

If you need to move dirt then you’ll most likely see a bulldozer or front-end loader at work. If you want to dig holes then you’ll often see an excavator at work. If you need to dig holes and move dirt then the best option is to go for a backhoe. Why use two or three pieces of heavy equipment when one piece will do the job? Almost every decent sized construction firm has a backhoe or two and for most owner operators, their first equipment of choice is the backhoe.

Versatility is the key and for those just starting out in business having a piece of equipment that can do a wide range of jobs means they can tender and advertise for more work. If you own and operate a excavator, while there may be plenty of work available now, there will also be quiet times when excavators are not called for. The same can be said about loaders and bulldozers. Because a backhoe effectively crosses over the roles of loader and excavator, the amount of quiet time is much less. The same situation occurs in the workplace.

Training to become a backhoe operator is not that difficult. People from all walks of life and from all ages can and do train to become backhoe operators. Women have also found this to be an easier entry into the heavy equipment work force. After three weeks of heavy equipment training, graduate operators are ready for entry level employment in the heavy equipment industry. By selecting a career as a backhoe operator you can potentially open more doors than those that select single-use equipment like excavators and bulldozers.

If you’re interested in finding out more about heavy equipment in general, why not attend a free introductory class. These classes are totally free with no obligation and are conducted across a range of locations. Free classes are already scheduled up until mid-December so contact us at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools to find out where our closest school is located and when their next free heavy equipment classes are scheduled. A single phone call could change your life and start you on the road to a successful career as a heavy equipment operator.

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