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Safe Transport Of A Mobile Crane

A mobile crane, by its very name, can normally be driven to the work site. It doesn’t need any special transport vehicles and if generally treated pretty much like a truck. However, as an operator/driver, there are some tasks that need to be undertaken prior to driving on the open road.

The open highway of course is open to all vehicles that meet requirements for registration. For this reason, crane operators need to ensure that all other vehicles and property are safe from the crane. Comedy movies may make fun at a swinging boom that knocks over pedestrians, shatters windows and causes all sorts of damage, however, in reality a driver that allowed that to happen would most likely wind up behind bars.

Cranes often have special legs to maintain stability while lifting big weights. The crane operator needs to ensure that these are retracted and locked away until required. Likewise, the crane arms need to be lowered and locked into place to prevent any unwanted movement.

Most cranes have a manual which describes how the cranes various components are locked down prior to moving to a new site. The operator needs to ensure there are no loose components that may fly off while traveling down the highway.

Being a crane operator is an interesting job with every load lifted being different and bringing it’s own challenges. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can provide comprehensive training in crane operations to give you a head start as a safe crane operator.

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