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Roads: Its The Heavy Equipment That Keeps Us Moving

Have you ever thought about the amount of work that goes into building our roads. Sure, there are little country roads. But what about the highways, multi-lanes, turnpikes, off ramps, on ramps, I could go on. Roads take a lot of careful planning and just as much careful work. Despite the complexity, the big rough and tough heavy equipment machinery that we use really do make light work of it all and it’s done accurately.

In today’s engineering environment, you can start a large six or eight lane highway in two parts, each 100 miles apart. By the time the highways meet, the will connect perfectly with hardly an inch of leeway – that is what I call accuracy. Yet we drive these roads without giving any thought to the complexities of creating them. It’s the engineers, the laborers and the heavy equipment operators that know how complex these roads are.

Road gangs rely on excavators, bulldozers and graders to get the base right. There are specialized heavy equipment that is then called in to lay the gravel and hot asphalt. Heavy multi wheeled vehicles help to cure the road. Pile drivers and cranes are often called in to construct the turnpikes, off ramps and on ramps.

The life of a heavy equipment operator is never boring when it comes to road building. Every day is different and every day brings new challenges. Working on these road crews requires training in the right equipment. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools provides relevant hands on training across multiple heavy equipment rigs. Check out our site and you may find yourself helping to build the roads of our nation.

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