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In Which States Do We Deliver Heavy Equipment Training?

You would be surprised at the number of locations where we deliver heavy equipment training. In 1963, we started the Diesel Truck Driver Training School near Madison, Wisconsin. We still maintain our primary office and training facilities there.

Since 1963 we slowly spread our wings. In 2002 we started delivering training in Florida (2002); then Ohio in 2003 and New Hampshire in 2004. This quickly followed Virginia in 2005, Colorado and South Carolina in 2006, and California in 2007. We haven’t finished our growth yet with Texas and Arizona on the cards.

Our growth has been tempered by one thing – quality. With over 100 staff members, we are diligent in ensuring that each staff member is trained and qualified for the position they fill. Heavy equipment trainers are skilled operators as well as being effective trainers.

Enroll in one of our heavy equipment training programs before December 31 and receive a generous discount on your fees. With demand for skilled operators increasing you are one step away from starting a career as a well-paid heavy equipment operator.

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  1. Heavy equipment operator for 16 years Class A license clean DMV Heavy Haul permit loads interested in becoming an instructor

  2. I went to Associated Training Services in Las Vegas, is this location still training students?

    1. I’m sorry but that school shut down. We are only located in Wisconsin and are still training. We offer housing for students that need it.

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