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Pothole Repairs are Underway

After spring flooding, pothole season is underway. Highway departments across the country are scrambling for workers to repair potholes. According to some data released by different agencies, the average pothole costs $23 for Department of Transportation workers to repair and $129 for contractors to repair. Sealing cracks, which usually happen along with pothole repairs, costs about $327 per square mile when state workers do the job but cost, even more, when the job is done by contractors.

Knowledgeable individuals who can handle operating equipment, and repairing roads and potholes are needed by independent contractors as well as state and local highway departments. Pothole season is usually in full force by spring and this is especially true after a wet winter followed by spring rains.  The increased traffic can also affect the roadways and contribute to potholes and cracks. During pothole season, additional helpers may be needed to take care of pothole repairs.

Damage Caused By A Pothole

AAA reports that damage to vehicles caused by potholes costs drivers $3 billion annually. That doesn’t include the costs of fixing the potholes. Potholes are created when the top asphalt layer is penetrated by water through cracks in the roadway. After that water freezes, it will expand. Then when it melts, it will leave a void. Cars drive across that void and then the asphalt gets broken up, and a pothole is created. 

There is a demand for employees who can repair potholes. ATS offers training for a variety of jobs, including those that involve repairing roadways and filling potholes. To learn more about the construction training programs available year-round, contact ATS today. Being on the road construction crew is a great job that offers steady work. It pays well and ensures job security.

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