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Past Students Talk About Heavy Equipment Training

We have often mentioned the heavy equipment training that ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools offer. One of the best advertisements for any product comes from the mouths of those who have used a product.

Our past students have found the training to be not only comprehensive, but also delivered in a way that creates an environment to bring out the best in people. These students have been appreciative of the trainers, the facilities and the equipment used.

Being happy with the training is one thing. Being able to put that training into practice is the most important aspect – in other words, gaining employment in the heavy equipment field using equipment that they were trained to operate. In many cases, this involved obtaining licenses from third parties – for example, a CDL license.

The training provided by ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools is accredited and complies with set standards. Our students are ready to start work the moment they finish their training. If you would like to see what former students have to say about our training then visit our student feedback page and see what their feedback is.

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