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Heavy Equipment – Tracks Or Wheels

The versatility of heavy equipment is generally determined by its ability to move through adverse terrain. Wheels will enable a machine to do some traveling off road but when things get slippery or steep the only machines that will move are the ones on tracks.

Tracks are basically a steel highway that is picked up and laid down in a continuous circle. While being advantageous for moving heavy equipment to different places, tracks do bring along with them the expense of repair and replacement.

Tracks wear out through metal to metal contact, ground to metal contact and contact even with the air. There are many components in a track system, collectively known as undercarriage. If everything works properly, all the components wear out at the same time and all can be replaced at the same time.

When components don’t wear out at the same rate you end up throwing away items that are not completely worn out. That’s money that can’t be recovered. With good training and on the job experience, you can soon learn to tell how each component is wearing.

One of the mot important things when operating heavy equipment is to understand you machine and be able to recognize when things are not right. Learn to operate heavy equipment with tracks at ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools

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