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Looking For A Well-Paid Job – Certified Crane Operators Are Just That

Certified crane operators are well paid when compared to many other heavy equipment operator positions. In fact, if you were to compare the hours of training required to become certified to many other positions (of any skill), certified crane operators come out well on top. Training to become a crane operator can take as little as three weeks – now, compare that to some occupations that take a minimum of six, twelve, or more months.

Mobile crane operators can also look forward to a position that involves a lot of variety. Mobile cranes don’t often stay long in the one place doing the one job repetitively. It’s not unusual for a mobile crane operator to do two or three different jobs in two or three different sites, all on the one day. If there is a down side to being a mobile crane operator, it is the fact that you could be called out in the middle of the night for an emergency. Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen that often, and it only applies to operators who have made themselves available for that task.

ATS Crane Operator Schools are one of the nation’s oldest crane operator training schools. Our three-week training program includes both in-class and in-the-seat training. This training is comprehensive and will cover all the areas required for a graduate to successfully complete their certification assessment following training. Certification is becoming a requirement in most states so employers are not longer willing to employ operators without this certification.

If you are looking for a well-paid job, a job where you can be trained and in the workforce quickly, then consider becoming a certified crane operator.

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