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Why Multi Skilling For Backhoes Is Important

Should you multi skill and become a backhoe operator? I guess I don’t have to remind everyone of the economy and the struggles that everyone has been through – if you didn’t see, feel or hear about it then you probably weren’t on the planet at the time. Times have been tough and many small businesses have been feeling the pinch – even in heavy equipment. As we start to shake off the problems of the past two/three years, businesses are starting to spend again, but very cautiously.

When it comes to heavy equipment purchases, prudence is the order of the day and cost reduction the number one factor. One of the easiest ways to cut costs is by using equipment that is versatile. The more versatile a unit of heavy equipment is, the more income that equipment can generate. I know, boring details on how to run a business – however, it does impact on all of us.

When it comes to heavy equipment, why buy a loader and an excavator when a backhoe can do the same work – in one unit. The only down side to buying a backhoe is that it can only be in one place at any one time – but it can certainly undertake a wide range of tasks while in that one place. During the recession, the last unit of heavy equipment to be mothballed was the backhoe. The first unit to be purchased was also a backhoe and, at present, the highest demand for operators is for backhoe operators.

Since it takes the skills of both a loader operator and an excavator operator, it makes sense to multi skill and take on the role of a backhoe operator. The path to multi skilling is made easier when a heavy equipment training program actually covers a wide range of equipment When the economy evens out, you can specialize in excavators, or loaders, or perhaps stay with backhoes, it’s your choice.

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