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Backhoes Test All Your Skills

Undertaking a heavy equipment training program at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools gives you one advantage – you receive training across a range of equipment. When it comes to working as a backhoe operator, you need to combine the skills of several units of equipment into one.

Backhoes are the odd one out when it comes to heavy equipment. At one end you have an excavator style digging tool while at the other end you have a loader tool – being proficient with an excavator and a loader would certainly be handy.

Backhoes are one of the most versatile units when it comes to heavy equipment and earth moving. Being wheeled vehicles, you will often see them driving down the road with their ‘back hoe’ folded in a little like a scorpion’s tail. Their ability to work in reasonably confined spaces is a help but their real value comes in the flexibility of the tools they can use.

Like excavators, there are scores of different types of tools that can be attached. There are also different types of scoops at the opposite end of the vehicle – some that can be opened at the bottom for faster emptying. Having a broad range of skills then is essential if you wish to become a proficient backhoe operator. Those skills can only be obtained through training followed by experience on the job.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools, we take a holistic approach. Your backhoe training is important and needs to be across a range of equipment. Just as importantly, being able to quickly find employment where you can use your newfound skills will help to hone them. We don’t just train you, we also help you find this employment through our career services department. Put together, this means you can become a highly proficient operator in a very short time.

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