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Mobile Cranes Are Always Ready To Come To The Rescue

The life of a mobile crane operator has to be one of the most varied and most interesting out of all heavy equipment operators. These cranes are mobile for a reason – they go from job to job, often performing a handful of lifts every day.

You may see these vehicles on the roads from time to time. They look like a truck with a crane tower hanging over the cabin. The operator drives the vehicle from one job to another, quickly setting up and doing the job required. They then move on to the next job and each job can be so totally different to the last.

These cranes also serve a special role in our lives, which most of us hope is never called upon. In an emergency they can be the difference between life and death. Motor vehicle accidents, truck rollovers and even train derailments. These often require the services of a mobile crane operator and his rig.

In these situations, they need the immense lifting power of a crane, but they are often limited to the amount of space available to work in and the need for speed. Mobile cranes can quickly lift heavy objects clear of danger or, in the case of truck rollovers, right the vehicle so it can be towed away and the roads cleared.

Mobile crane operators used under these circumstances need to be highly skilled and extremely patient. They also need to be able to listen to, and to follow, orders from those in charge of the situation. More importantly, they need to be able to respond quickly to instructions from those on the ground as the lifting is undertaken. There are times when stop really does mean stop – an extra inch and you may cause even bigger problems.

Of course, mobile crane operators learn the basics of their trade through training establishments such as ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools. Once they have finished their mobile crane training it may take many years before you have acquired the skills and experience that is required in an emergency. Then again, in emergency situation, you may be the only person in a position to respond. Are you ready for it?

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