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Military Gets Worlds Fastest Backhoe

Backhoes are not exactly the slowest of creatures but even on the open highway they would struggle to get over 20mph – imagine driving one at 60mph? The military have now taken on a backhoe that can do just that and not just on the open highway either.

Built with full suspension, ABS braking technology, sophisticated computer diagnostics, run-flat tires, roll-over protection, and a two-man, air-conditioned cab, the JCB HMEE can travel at much higher speeds on open roads and on cross country runs. According to an article in Associated Construction Publications, the backhoe is

purpose-built for the U.S. Army and destined for deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan, where it will provide battlefield commanders with a myriad of logistics capabilities in front patrols.

The backhoe is one of the most versatile machines in the heavy equipment range. Deployment to areas such as Afghanistan will provide the military with far more options than they currently have. Of course, equally important are the skills of the operators who are, by the way, also professional soldiers.

You may never get to drive the world’s fastest backhoe, unless of course you have a desire to join the army. You can guarantee that at some time in the future these backhoes will migrate from the military to the workplace. To operate one, you will need training through a good training provider. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools deliver high quality training in most aspects of heavy equipment including backhoes.

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