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Master The Highway With A Commercial Drivers License

Truck drivers have had a bad reputation over the years. I am not sure why when you consider the training, the skills and road knowledge that is required to obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL). The image hasn’t been good but it is built more on perception than fact.

I know what it’s like to be driving down a highway, late at night, only to have a big tractor trailer come bearing down on you from behind. It can be a scary feeling. If you ever get the opportunity, you should climb into the passenger’s seat of one of these big rigs and go for a drive. You will come to realize fairly quickly that every thing is different. The driver does have control and although they do come thundering up behind another car, the truck driver has a great view of the road ahead. He does know what he is doing.

In fact, if you are the truck driver, there is nothing like the view, the power of the engine under you, and the feel of the road in front of you. Even after 40 years, I know drivers who fret to get back out on the road after a long weekend away.

Truck driving can be an awesome job. The hours are long, but the pay is pretty good. When you climb into the cab, you are in charge – you’re the boss. Sure, you do have a supervisor somewhere who is watching to ensure you arrive and leave on time – but they are not in the cab with you, or leaning over your shoulder.

Obtaining a commercial driver license requires knowledge of road rules, the ability to drive a truck, and knowledge of safety procedures. Training for a commercial drivers license can be done in as little as three weeks. In fact, within a month of starting you training program, you could be on the road, driving for a living.

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