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Looking For Diversity? Consider A Career As A Backhoe Operator

One of the mysteries of heavy equipment is the name given to a backhoe. After all, the ‘backhoe’ is just one half of the equipment, the other half being a standard loader. More interesting is the fact that the ‘backhoe’ sits at the rear of the equipment, and it’s the loader end that does most of the actual ‘driving’ around.

Putting the name issue aside, becoming a backhoe operator is a popular option for many because of the multiple skills involved, and the diversity that comes with a job. Effectively, you are trained as an excavator operator and loader operator. In fact, for many backhoe operators, those two pieces of heavy equipment are their fall back jobs should they find it difficult to find backhoe jobs.

In today’s climate, that is not a frequent problem. Many backhoe operators go to the next level becoming owner operators. Because of a backhoe’s versatility, there is always plenty of work available for owner operators, and the heavy equipment itself can be picked up at a reasonable price – certainly at a price that makes being an owner operator attractive.

To become a backhoe operator, you will need to complete a heavy equipment operator’s training program. This is a training program that exposes students to a range of heavy equipment, backhoes, loaders, and excavators included. A good heavy equipment training program will also include non-operational components such as soil knowledge, maintenance and fault finding, safety and site layouts. Those extra knowledge based areas are what makes for a well rounded heavy equipment operator.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools, our aim is to produce heavy equipment operator graduates who are ready to start work from day one. Our operators have the knowledge and skills to succeed, and employers acknowledge this by coming to us on a regular basis looking for good recruits. If you’re looking for a job with diversity, then operating a backhoe certainly delivers.

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