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Backhoes – Multi-Skilled Operators Looking For Variety

If you are looking for a career in heavy equipment that offers real variety, then a backhoe could be the perfect choice. Backhoes don’t just offer variety, they depend on operators that are multi-skilled in many different types of work. Whilst the most common operations will be working as a loader or ‘excavator’, backhoes are frequently called on to perform other activities using a variety of different attachments.

To begin with, backhoe operators need to be competent using their equipment to dig trenches and similar excavations. They will also need to be competent using a backhoe to move material around a work area and to load material onto trucks. Over time an operator will learn how to use various attachments for tasks such as breaking up dirt or concrete blocks, and perhaps even the demolition of buildings.

Backhoe operators are well served learning to operate three different machines; a loader, an excavator, and the backhoe itself. The backhoe brings together the best of both a loader and excavator, however, being a combined unit, the backhoe can be a little trickier. At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools, we provide students with hands on training on a variety of machinery including loaders, excavators and backhoes. Upon completion of their training, heavy equipment operator graduates are well prepared for entry level employment operating their chosen piece of machinery.

Heavy equipment careers are lucrative and the expectation in years to come is for a shortage of skilled operators. This is due to a workforce that is aging and retiring, and the annual retirement rate is greater than the number of new recruits coming into the industry. Act now and you’ll be in high demand in years to come as you gain valuable experience. Backhoe operators will certainly be in high demand, more so because of their versatility.

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