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Land Your Dream Job In Heavy Equipment Using Our Career Services Option

It’s one thing to undertake training in heavy equipment, it’s another to land that first job. This is where our Career Services option comes into play and, being a free service, it’s there to be used. Having spent nigh on 40 years training people to work in heavy equipment, crane operations and truck driving, we know what employers are looking for in new recruits. Not only that, our Career Services department has developed a strong network of contacts within the various industries, contacts you can use to your advantage.

Our Career Services option starts with a personal interview with each student to determine which sector of industry they want to work in and which geographic location best suits their needs. We also provide a package that includes a list of possible employers based on that information. We do the hard work for them in collating those possible employers. This means each student can start targeting employers before they have even completed their training.

Our service doesn’t end there. During training, we also offer training in soft skills designed to help you land that ‘dream job’. These soft skills include interview techniques, application procedures and networking skills. The latter is one of the most important if you want a long career in the industry. It’s through networking that you gain a solid reputation and, if you become highly proficient, find employers knocking on your door rather you knocking on theirs.

Our Careers Services department also offers an online resource where graduates and employers can connect. We also provide a Jobs Leads Database that contains contact details for thousands of potential employers. If you put the complete Career Services package together then you have a highly efficient mechanism designed with one aim in mind – to help you land your first job in either heavy equipment, crane operations or truck driving. Looking for a career change? It’s all here waiting for you!

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