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Career Services: Key To A Successful Heavy Equipment Career

The best heavy equipment training in the world is useless if you can’t find employment following your training. This is where a good career services component can make a huge difference between a successful heavy equipment career and sitting at home wondering why you spent all that money on training. Let’s be honest, heavy equipment training is not exactly cheap. I wouldn’t call it expensive either, especially when you consider the pay packet that successful operators receive.

Career services come in many different formats. There are private agencies that will charge you (and the employer) when a successful placement is made. The problems with these services is that they are paid for successful placements, not the right placements, so their focus is on getting people into work, any work. The best career services providers are those attached to training bodies. Their focus is on getting the right people into the right jobs.

Why are they different? Career services attached to training providers don’t rely on placements for income – it is all part of the training service. At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools, our career services department spends its time working on two fronts – first, working with students to prepare them for work in the field of heavy equipment. The second front is equally important – this is time spent developing relationships with employers.

That second front is very important. By developing relationships with employers and employer groups we have our fingers on the pulse of what is important to them, what skills and what personal attributes they are looking for. We can take that information and factor it into our training programs thus providing employers with graduates that are going to be productive from day one.

If you are considering a career in heavy equipment then talk to us about your options. We not only provide industry leading training, we also provide career services that help you to get a start and to convert your training into a successful career as a heavy equipment operator.

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