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Know your Bulldozer Blades

If you are new to bulldozers, then the term blade might seem a little odd. A bulldozer’s blade is the attachment that sits in front of the tractor. Most people are familiar with the standard curved blade that is used to push earth, but there are a few others that are quite common in certain circles.

  • High volume blades are used for moving things like coal.
  • Rakes are used for removing boulders
  • Extremely sharp edged blades can be used for removing trees and stumps
  • Traditional curved blades are used for moving earth
  • Part of bulldozer certification is becoming familiar with the types and uses of different bulldozer blades. Different blades allow for very different functions and that is what makes bulldozers so versatile. You will become accustomed to the various blades and how to use them as a part of your training here at Associated Training Services.

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