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What Are The Job Prospects Following Crane Operator Training?

Are there job opportunities for graduates following crane operator training? The answer is a big yes. The construction industry has been riding the crest of a wave in recent months and whilst in some areas it has slowed due to wintery conditions, come spring it will kick back in with renewed vigor.

It is a pretty good time to be considering a career in heavy equipment operations and this includes crane operations. The economy is slowly recovering from the downturn experienced over the last two years. The Federal government’s cash boosts to construction programs has been like a huge protein shot to a recovering athlete – you can’t keep them still.

There are road building programs planned all around the country along with new schools, hospitals and other basic infrastructure programs. This has led to a mini shortage of operators which can only be addressed by recruiting and training new blood to the profession. Job vacancies are there, it’s simply a matter of targeting the right employers.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools can help you target the right employers through their job placement program. They have a huge database of potential employers and many of them are requiring operators. Because of the reputation that ATS has developed over the years, graduates often get a head start when applying for a position.

The work is there. The economy is set to boom again which will put further demand on crane operator requirements. If you are considering a career change, and heavy equipment operations is on your list, consider seriously a career as a crane operator. They are well paid and the job delivers a lot in the way of personal satisfaction. Contact us for further information related to crane operator training.

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