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Is Accredited Training Important For Heavy Equipment

There are many training establishments around that offer training for heavy equipment. You can also learn to operate the machinery on the job. Some of this training is accredited, some isn’t. How important is this accreditation?

It doesn’t matter what sort of training you undertake, whether it is heavy equipment, car driving or any other skill. Accredited training is training that has been assessed as meeting an agreed set of standards. For heavy equipment, training is not limited to how you operate a piece of machinery. Training also includes important areas such as safety, basic maintenance including safety checks to identify problems before they cause problems and associated skills.

For heavy equipment, some of the associated skills include dealing with different types of materials, for example, dirt behaves differently to sand or gravel. In fact, different grades of material will react differently to the machine working on it. Training could also involve working with slopes and working around other objects, obstacles and services such as water and electricity.

Accredited training allows for an agreed standard of training, training resources and the personnel delivering the training. If you seek out accredited training you know you will receive training that at least meets the minimum standards.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools delivers accredited training to strict standards laid down by The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). You can be assured your training meets or exceeds these standards.

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